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Guide to Sleeping Sex Fantasy Sites

Sleeping fucking and sleep sex fantasy is one of the most common fetishes in our society. With that said, finding a site to fulfill that fantasy online is often a difficult task. Sleep Fuck features a guide and review to the best sleep fucking sites available today. We’ve combed the members area so you don’t have to throw your money away and will provide you with the needed information to find a sleeping sex fantasy site that fulfills your darkest desires.

Sleep Assult Screenshot Sleep Assault
Fully legal sleeping teens wake up to a pleasant surprise as they’re stuffed with a hard cock in this popular sleep fuck fantasy site. These teens were so asleep that they didn’t realize the tooth fairy came with a special creamy gift.
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Content Quality : 20/20
Content Quantity: 16/20
Updates: 17/20
Cost/Value : 19/20
Navigation: 9/10
Intangibles: 10/10
TOTAL SCORE : 91/100
Sleeping Bitch Screenshot Sleeping Bitch
These totally unconscious babes are 100% helpless and available for every man around in this sleep fuck fantasy fetish site. You’ll be amazed at what these guys are able to get away with without waking these sleeping bitches up.
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Content Quality : 20/20
Content Quantity: 19/20
Updates: 17/20
Cost/Value : 17/20
Navigation: 9/10
Intangibles: 8/10
TOTAL SCORE : 90/100
Night Invasion Screenshot Night Invasion
Sleep fuck fetish meets night vision goggles in Night Invasion, a sleeping sex site that pushes the word stalker to a whole new level. This midnight prowler invades the bedrooms of sexy girls for a little late night fantasy fun.
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Content Quality : 16/20
Content Quantity: 18/20
Updates: 19/20
Cost/Value : 15/20
Navigation: 10/10
Intangibles: 10/10
TOTAL SCORE : 88/100
Sleep Invasion Screenshot Sleep Invasion
Women’s bodies are invaded in this fantasy sleeping sex site that lets you find out what happens if you were to let go of your inhibitions behind closed doors with a sleeping girl. See just how far these sex-craved perverts are willing to go.
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Content Quality : 14/20
Content Quantity: 16/20
Updates: 19/20
Cost/Value : 15/20
Navigation: 9/10
Intangibles: 9/10
TOTAL SCORE : 82/100
Sleeping Tushy Screenshot Sleeping Tushy
Featuring the sexy tushy of sexy sleeping babes in this lesbian filled sleep sex fantasy site. These unsuspecting sleeping models have their bare ass exposed and fondled by other lovely females who love to play with tushies.
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Content Quality : 15/20
Content Quantity: 19/20
Updates: 19/20
Cost/Value : 16/20
Navigation: 5/10
Intangibles: 7/10
TOTAL SCORE : 81/100
Sleep Fuck Reviews

Before joining a site in the fantasy sleeping sex genre, we recommend you read through one of our reviews from the quality list of sites below.  These reviews come complete with free sleeping sex pics, video clips, and more.

We hope you enjoy our honest and candid reviews of the top sleep fuck fetish sites in the industry.  Check back for updates and new sites on the horizon.

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Sleep Fuck features a guide to fantasy sites based on sleeping sex.  All models who appear on those sites are paid models and acting out the fantasy a woman has of being made love in their sleep.  If you think any of this is real, you are a moron.  Please contact the specific site for any questions regarding their content.
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